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Menorca's most impressive lighthouses Comitas Hotels

Menorca's most impressive lighthouses

February 20 2023
Menorca Guide
Talking about Menorca is talking about paradisiacal beaches, turquoise water coves, and cities full of history and culture. However, today we want to talk about its impressive lighthouses, guardians of the more than 200 km of Menorcan coastline, turned into a real tourist attraction and a must-visit if you travel to Menorca.

From Punta Nati Lighthouse to Isla del Aire Lighthouse, each of Menorca's lighthouses features a unique architecture and history, but they all share the special charm of privileged natural environment in which they are located. In fact, they are the perfect place to enjoy the best panoramic views of the coast and the magical sunsets that the island offers.

Do you want to know where all the lighthouses in Menorca are located? Join us on this historical tour of the island's coast through the Camí de Cavalls hiking routes, visiting the 5 most impressive lighthouses in Menorca. Moreover, many of them are located very close to Comitas Hotels!

One of Menorca's most iconic lighthouses is the Favaritx Lighthouse, located on the north coast of the island, on the cape of the same name. Built in 1922, this lighthouse has a unique design, with a white stone tower with a black spiral band that contrasts with the surrounding rocky landscape of black slate. The landscape is so impressive that it will seem like you have the feeling of having changed islands! Additionally, the Favaritx Lighthouse is located in an area of steep cliffs, making it a spectacular place to enjoy the view of the sea and the coast.

>Book your full-day sailing tour to enjoy the best views of Favaritx Lighthouse.

Another impressive lighthouse is the Artrutx Lighthouse, located on the southwest coast of Menorca, close to Comitas Floramar. Built in 1858, this lighthouse is characterised by its tower with dark blue horizontal stripes on a white background. In addition, the location of the Artrutx lighthouse near the port of Ciutadella makes it an ideal place to enjoy the food and culture of Menorca.

>Book your sunset boat tour to enjoy the sunset over the Cap d’Artrutx lighthouse.

The Punta Nati Lighthouse is another lighthouse you should not miss on your visit to Menorca. Located on the west coast of the island, this lighthouse is famous for its beautiful view of the sea and its spectacular sunset. In addition, being in an isolated and solitary location, it makes it a perfect place to disconnect and enjoy a clear view of the starry sky at dusk.

The Cavalleria Lighthouse, located on the northern tip of Menorca, is one of the most famous lighthouses in Menorca. This lighthouse was built in 1857 and is one of the oldest lighthouses on the island. Its privileged location, in an area of dunes and cliffs, makes it an ideal place for hiking and enjoying nature. It is also one of the most visited places at sunset, as it offers one of the most beautiful and romantic sunsets on the island. If you prefer, you can always enjoy these wonderful views from our cocktail bar La Terracita at Comitas Tramontana Park, sipping your favourite drink while watching the sun set over the sea.

>Book your boat trip along the northern coves to enjoy the best views of the Cavalleria lighthouse.

Another well-known lighthouse is the Punta Prima Lighthouse, located on the east coast of the island. It was built in 1863 and is known for its white stone tower, being the tallest of the lighthouses in Menorca. The Punta Prima lighthouse is an ideal place to enjoy the view of the sea and the coast, especially at sunset. You can reach it by boat or enjoy it from the beach of Punta Prima, just a few minutes’ walk from Comitas Isla del Aire.

>Book your boat trip to Isla del Aire to enjoy the best views of the Isla del Aire lighthouse.

In summary, the lighthouses of Menorca are an important part of the history and culture of the island of Menorca and the ideal place to enjoy stunning panoramic views surrounded by a unique environment. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Menorca, be sure to include a visit to some of its lighthouses.

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